Braun – Whalum – Brown commonly known as BWB comprises of Norman Brown on guitar and vocals, Kirk Whalum on the saxophone and trumpeter Rick Braun.

Their sound can be described as new contemporary jazz with a blend of R&B, soul and funk music. They released their first album in 2002 which was a collection of covers titled Grooving. .

In 2013 they reunited once again to release Human Nature which was an adaption of the legendary Michael Jackson’s songs, which scored them their first No 1 hit with “Shake your body (Down to the ground)”. .

Their most current self-titled release, BWB in 2016 is a composition of their own original material which went straight to No 1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart. It is mostly instrumental with a batch of tunes amped up by fun-filled vocal refrains and catchy, sing-a-long choruses, BWB’s members wove DNA from their hometowns into the music mix.ff��+”~

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