Mwai is an accomplished pianist leaning heavily towards the Jazz Genre of music. He also runs his own music and entertainment outfit, and is well heeled in the intricacies of both the business and the art form of a performing artist. Easily ubiquitous with Nairobi’s live entertainment scene, Mwai is arguably one of the more recognizable multi-faceted talents of his generation. A captivating entertainer, one needs only to have fleetingly passed by Nairobi’s vast array of venues to have been captivated, if not by the versatility of repertoire, or by the sheer intensity of the performance, then certainly by at the very least the most intrinsic of attributes required; adept mastery at the delivery of the show.

With an impressive resume of events that clamor for his skill, he has an equally – if not greater – repertoire that can be displayed whether as a solo pianist or as part of the larger ensemble, fondly known as THE TRUTH.$h

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