Jazz has something for everyone and the inaugural Safaricom International Jazz festival was testament to that. Held at the Ngong Race course in Nairobi, there were smiles all around thanks to an abundance of great music and fantastic food.

Main act

Richard Bona

Richard BonaRichard Bona is a Jazz Bassist & Musician, dubbed “The African Sting,” he has been displaying his smile, humour, serenity and grace wherever he’s travelled.His first two albums revealed a wonderful storyteller, a surprising musician, and a spellbinding vocalist. His unique style i...

supporting acts

Chris Bittok

Chris Bittok Chris Bittok is a name that has been synonymous with the fast-growing jazz and general live entertainment following in Kenya.With live music being his forte and the Saxophone his principal instrument, he further felt the need to “up” the game in terms of the local concert experien...

supporting acts

NILE Project

NILE ProjectThe Nile Project is a cross-cultural musical collaboration initiative that seeks to address cultural and environmental issues rooted in the Nile basin.By using an innovative approach that combines music, informal education, and an enterprise platform, the project’s mission is to in...

supporting acts

Jacob Asiyo

Jacob AsiyoJacob is multi-faceted musician, a keyboard pioneer, composer, singer and arranger in both jazz and popular mainstream musical genres.He has been at the fore-front of exposing the Kenyan market to the tradition of jazz with his vast repertoire of Jazz Standards. Comfortable as a sol...

supporting acts

The Aaron Rimbui Quintet

The Aaron Rimbui QuintetThe Aaron Rimbui Quintet was formed in 2005 by Aaron Rimbui. The band began with Aaron Rimbui(Keyboards) and Asaph Uzele (Bass), and George Mutinda (drums) joining in later. The band functioned as a trio then later welcomed members Willy Rama (percussion) Kato Change (Guitar...

supporting acts

Eddie Grey

Eddie GreyAs an artist, Eddie Grey has been considered a fore runner in the entertainment circles and specifically for his contribution to jazz in East Africa. His roots in music begin long before he first touched an instrument. He was born in what he describes as an ordinary family in a modest co...

supporting acts

Kavutha Mwanzia-Asiyo

Kavutha Mwanzia-AsiyoKavutha, one of Kenya’s leading jazz vocalists has been singing since childhood. This talent eventually led to her study of voice, at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA USA.A seasoned performer, Kavutha has been the featured jazz vocalist at various jaz...

supporting acts

Rhythym Junks

Rhythym JunksThe Rhythm Junks were founded by Steven De Bruyn and Tony Gyselinck. They noticed that the Belgian artists who made it abroad were those that were doing something grand, something unique.This became The Rhythm Junks’ mission statement: a grand, unique mix that couldn’t care less a...

supporting acts

Yuval Cohen

Yuval CohenYuval Cohen’s own sound—whether solo, with his own groups, or with his siblings—is one of the richest, most exciting 21st century sounds in this ever-evolving music called Jazz.Lead alto, Member of the phenomenal family group, “the 3 Cohens”, with his sister and brother, Anat and A...

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