Music has its own language, and we all spoke it at the Safaricom Jazz.  Held at the Ngong Race course once again, it featured eight world class artistes from all over the world, allowing Safaricom Jazz to cement itself as the most spectacular live entertainment event so far in 2015.

Main act

Jonathan Butler

Jonathan ButlerHe made history by being the first black artist played on white South African radio while earning three gold records in 1975 as he became a teenager.A decade later, Butler moved to London, and released his first album internationally. In concert, Butler remains a captivating and...

supporting acts

Gogo Simo

Gogo SimoIt was James Gogo and the Gogo Simo band who started us off. They got the crowd on their feet, dancing to the rich sounds of African tempos. Some of their hits were akin to a religious experience. You could feel your soul moving with their flow.You can’t take away the amazing elastici...

supporting acts

Swahili Jazz

Swahili Jazz Swahili Jazz is a blend of Mijikenda beats with Asian, Western and Arabic influences. This type of music is enriched in Swahili culture that is linked to Juma Tutu’s background and origin having been brought up in the coastal town of Mombasa.Swahili Jazz band took over the stage w...

supporting acts

The Tomer Bar Trio

The Tomer Bar TrioSafaricom Jazz is about bringing together different cultures, and Tomer Bar exemplified this by their beautiful blend of contemporary jazz with Israeli music styles.The youngsters did not disappoint. The Tomer Bar Trio was established in 2010. The Trio performs Tomer's origin...

supporting acts

Soweto Kinch

Soweto Kinch Award winning alto-saxophonist and MC Soweto Kinch is one of the most exciting and versatile young musicians in both the British jazz and hip hop scenes.Undoubtedly, one of the few artists in either genre with a degree in Modern History from Oxford University. The freestyling, fun...

supporting acts

Nicolas Kummert

Nicolas KummertHis versatility and openness to all styles of music is obvious in his own projects, and it is definitely a good way to define this musician about whom Brad Mehldau wrote: “There is often a wonderful gentleness to Nicolas Kummert’s playing that perfectly suits the music…and he shows a...

supporting acts

Juraj Stanik

Juraj StanikA lot of Juraj’s compositions are specially written for his piano-trio. “Thinking of the trio I prefer to play and write more intimate, chamber like music.Of course there is always room for dynamic gestures. Juraj Stanik played the piano like a possessed man, leaving each note hang...

supporting acts

Isaiah Katumwa

Isaiah Katumwa Isaiah Katumwa had this thing about his performance that blew off our minds. Jazz fans loved him, and he reciprocated with an outstanding performance, his stage presence got everyone on their feet. He will remain a living treasure to the East and Central African music scene

supporting acts

Ack van Rooyen

Ack van Rooyen Ack is based in Holland where he works with his own quintet, the Dutch Jazz Orchestra and in duo with Juraj Stanik.He was a staff teacher at the conservatory in The Hague and continues to lead workshops and coach Bigbands throughout Europe. His ability to punctuate performances ...

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