Siya MakuzeniSiya Makuzeni is a professional South African trombone player, vocalist, lyricist and songwriter. A session musician and voice-over artist when not performing live, Makuzeni has lent her songwriting skills to a few albums by various artists, including Language 12 albums.

After university, she began applying for Jazz competitions, her most accomplished being the Old Mutual Jazz Encounters, where she secured the Regional Finalist(Gauteng) category for Jazz Vocals in 2002.In 2005, Siya then attended a scholarship in Treviso (Venice) ,Italy, at the multi-media / creative arts base, Fabrica(Benetton); where she took part in a multi-media theatre concert which took place in Brisbane, Australia, in 2006.

Siya’s body of work is a diverse, expressive and constantly growing accumulation of her myriad of service in the music industry.

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